Running rigging

DSK 78

DSK 78Endurance is the key factor in ocean racing and that’s the reason we have been the first in the world to develop a range of yachting lines produced with the innovative Dyneema® SK 78 fibre. This material delivers significantly improved stability under static loads, which results in better performance and longer life, even under the most extreme conditions. Initially developed for the 2005/2006 Volvo Ocean Race campaign of the Pirates of the Carribean, the single braid DSK78 ULTRA and the double braided DSK78 RACE immediately set a new standard in running rigging. Combining the typically high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent low stretch, abrasion and UV resistance of Dyneema® fibers, to a 3 times slower creep, compared to Dyneema® DSK 78, make these lines the ideal choice for all those applications where precision, control and reliability are a must.