Running rigging

Standing Rigging

UltraWire 78

Ultra Wire 78The long-angle braided construction and the exclusive HTR treatment (pre-stretch and heat-setting) gives the ULTRAWIRE 78 a very high strength yet an incredible lightweight capacity as well as minimal stretch with a stiff response to dynamic loads. What makes ULTRAWIRE 78 a unique product is its performance under static loads.

It is the first of its type to be made with Dyneema® SK 78 fibre. This material has a much slower stretch under static load than the previous generation of Dyneema® (SK 75) and it is three times more durable, that is why it is suggested for various usages. ULTRAWIRE 78 is the best alternative for runners and wire backstays or to the expensive composites of parallel fibers. In addition to all these qualities the Dyneema® cover guarantees an efficient and durable protection against impacts and wear and tear.


VZThe special core, braided in PBO and the resistant Dyneema® cover makes this product the best alternative to steel and parallel fiber systems for the rigging of small to medium racing boats. Easy to use and giving high performance, VZ has a minimal stretch and this is why it can be applied for extreme usage.

VZ can be easily spliced and it is not necessary to use the heavy metallic thimbles used with the parallel fiber systems saving weight and costs.

Undirectional Composite Cable

Undirectional Composite CableBuilt using our proprietary “endless” winding technique, these cables offer incredibly high strength, minimal stretch and amazing weight savings (up to 80% on rod rigging). In continuous development for more than 10 years, this innovative technology involves continuous winding of fibers around two thimbles until a proper cable section has been reached for the specified strength and EA. The end fittings of the cable are thus integrated in the cable itself, making it inherently stronger and safer than other unidirectional cable technologies as it does not rely on bonding or on friction but solely on the unmatched strength of the fibers.

Our unique multilayer covering technique offers the best protection from UV light and moisture, while still remaining very light and thin. The outer Dyneema® cover also ensures effective protection from chafe and abrasion.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process is carefully controlled to ensure a cable system that provides consistent performance. Any detail, from cable size to end fitting design or cover type, can be customized to fit specific needs.

Our slings can be produced with any high performance fiber: Zylon® PBO, Dyneema® SK78 OR Kevlar® 49, and they are also available with a special cover to be used as furling cables.

To complement our production of composite cables, we developed a complete range of end fittings and connectors, which allow our slings to be used for virtually any application onboard: discontinuous standing rigging, continuous standing rigging, fore and aft rigging, structural strops.